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Why I don’t care if people visit my blog

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I take the position that I don’t care where people consume my content. Be it directly on the site, via RSS or via Telegram Instant View. I don’t give a shit. The main thing is that people find a use or like what I publish.

That’s why my goal is to make it as easy as possible to read my content. Some people prefer to read articles via RSS, ATOM or JSON feed, so my feeds contain not only an excerpt, but the whole content. Some people would like to read my content directly from the Telegram app, that’s why I implemented Instant View support.

What do I get out of it if people have to come directly to my blog so they can read what I post? Exactly, nothing. I don’t run ads, I don’t track visits, I don’t make money when people click on links to my blog.

Also, I don’t need people marveling at the blog design. After all, it’s designed solely to be as simple as possible. To show the content.

This is a personal blog where I write what I think about, what I find interesting, or what I want to share.

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