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Refactoring your personal software projects

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Colin Walker is trying to refactor his blogging software to make it available to others. Regarding whether anyone else will end up using it, he writes:

In any event, the experiencing of building this has been invaluable. I will likely build out a basic admin page for a few core details — just for my own benefit — and see how things progress. No matter what happens, I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved so far and want this to remain my platform of choice for the foreseeable future. It will only get better and better.

These are exactly my thoughts when I program or refactor personal software projects. I develop them for my own needs, but try to build them so that others can use them as well. But whether or not that actually happens doesn’t matter. I’ve learned a lot and had some fun, that’s purpose enough. And the learning may even help me professionally.

And I also want my own blogging software to remain my platform of choice, at least for the next few years. ☺️


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