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I installed Windows 10 😱

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I did something very unusual for me, considering that I have been recommending the use of Linux for years (and still do): I installed Windows 10.

At the beginning of my studies, I bought a cheap used ThinkPad with touchscreen (a Yoga S1), and actually used Linux on it the whole time so far. So far it has worked quite ok, even if not perfect.

But after I bought a desktop PC and also a Microsoft Surface Go for taking notes in lectures, I hardly used the ThinkPad anymore.

Under Linux, I had some issues: hibernation and display scaling (the device has quite a high resolution for its small size).

To see if I might be able to revive the device by fixing the problems, I have now installed Windows 10 instead. The drivers for Windows seem to be a bit better after all. I will see.

The device is probably already 8 years old, but it’s much too good to let it gather dust on the shelf.

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