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Signal now also wants to offer payments

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Sorry for so many Signal related posts, but I wanted to provide an update regarding my last post. Signal’s server code got updated.

But at the same time, Signal introduced a beta feature which adds the option to send payments in the currency “MOB” (MobileCoin). Is that just another cryptocurrency? Wired has an article as well.

It all seems kind of dubious to me. First they don’t publish any current server code for almost a year, then they come up with this cryptocurrency, although I would assume that a payment feature is rather further down on the wish list of many users and other features would be more important.

And on top of that, some regulatory issues could arise with cryptocurrencies, especially if they could enable money laundering.

I had tried Signal off and on, but never found any use because none of my contacts actively use Signal. I think I will do without it in the future as well.


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