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First impression: AfterShokz OpenComm

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It’s been about 24 hours since my new AfterShokz OpenComm arrived. And I have to say, this is really the best headset I ever had!

Since this morning (5 hours) I’ve been wearing them almost continuously and: no pressure, no warm ears, no desire to take them off again as soon as possible. When the doorbell rings, I hear it.

The AfterShokz OpenComm are atypical headphones, an atypical headset. Instead of resting on the ears and sending sound through the air to the eardrum, the sounds are transmitted through the bones directly to the cochlea. As a result, the ears are free and you can perceive the environment without problems and the ears do not hurt.

The sound quality is not soo great, as with other headphones in the price range, but with this headset you also pay not for good sound quality, but for free ears. But the sound quality is still perfectly fine.

So far I am very satisfied!

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