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Two months of private diary blogging

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⚠️ This entry is already over one year old. It may no longer be up to date. Opinions may have changed.

More than two months ago, I decided I should try using my blogging software for journaling. Every day, I create a new private post with a few bullet points about the day: what I did during the day, how I felt, what I thought about. On some days there are more points, on some days just a few short ones.

I already tried journaling a few times, but always gave up after a few weeks. This time it seems to be more successful. I have already written 65 posts. Sometimes I write them in the evening, sometimes on the next morning. But I haven’t forgotten a day yet.

I have a few theories about what helps me this time:

  • Writing entries is so easy. I can use my phone with the app I also use for blogging. Or I use the web editor of my blogging software. The friction to write is low.
  • There’s a page with statistics on my diary blog (like on my public blog).
  • I already have the habit of writing monthly reviews on my blog.

Journaling or diary blogging is like documenting your life. By living you write your own story, which you keep by diary blogging about it. It’s somehow a magic feeling thinking that someday you’ll be able to read a story about your own life.

I hope to keep the habit for many more months and years. I really want to know how my story continues.

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