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Back to Windows 10 on my desktop

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I spent most of the weekend trying and finally managed to install Windows 10 today in a fairly short time.

Although I like Ubuntu and think it’s a good operating system, I was increasingly annoyed by a few problems, or rather the complex workarounds to solve them. For example, pairing Bluetooth headphones sometimes cost me my nerves, while on Windows it’s a breeze.

I already use Windows on two other laptops and my work laptop also runs Windows. I’ve gotten more and more used to it anyway.

And it’s not like I can’t use Linux with Windows anymore. On the one hand there is the WSL2, where I immediately installed Ubuntu. On the other hand, I’ve been using a virtual private server for coding for quite some time now.

The Windows installation had some problems at the beginning. First it didn’t start properly and stuck at 0%. Solved with a ultra-fast USB stick (SanDisk Extreme PRO) as installation medium. And then the system sometimes got stuck with my old SATA SSD (Crucial MX500), probably because of driver problems. Solved with a new NVMe drive (Crucial P5). Thanks to that, the system now feels even faster than with Linux.

Maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome, but I look at the choice of my operating system pragmatically. Windows allows me to focus on the things I do on my personal computer (programming, blogging, doing taxes) once it’s set up.

And I’m already looking forward to Windows 11 a little bit.

I’m sorry, Linux, but we’ve had some nice years together.

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