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Windows 11

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In 9 days Microsoft wants to present the “next generation” of Windows, it is assumed to be “Windows 11”.

Somehow I find it unnecessary that they now suddenly call it Windows 11 and not Windows 10 21H2 or just Windows 21H2. But probably this offers a good opportunity for a lot of marketing. After all, there is always a lot of reporting when there are new versions of macOS, iOS or iPadOS.

However, according to new information from The Verge, Windows 11 seems to be mainly a renewed interface that takes over many elements of the discontinued Windows 10X project.

I have to admit, of all the mainstream desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu with Gnome), I actually like Windows the best design-wise.

Still, I use Ubuntu on my desktop machine because it’s free and Linux fits my workflow much better. Only on my mobile computers I use Windows 10, because that is simply more stable. Linux unfortunately still has problems for years when it comes to things like display scaling or hibernation, which is much more important on a laptop.

But I still like the development of Windows. Soon it will be possible to use Linux apps on Windows without too much effort. And the new design, which will probably allow a much cleaner interface and features like simple window tiling, is something I look forward to as well.

I’m excited to see what’s coming.

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