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I am now car-less

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I have posted a little less than usual the last few days - at least on this blog. But a few articles on my German blog. I finally sold my car today, or rather my grandmother’s car that she gave me, after I had been planning to do so for a very long time.

I live in a (rather big) German city, where you don’t really need a car for your daily life. Shopping is easily done by foot or by bike. And if you do need a car, there are several options for car sharing.

I’m relieved that I no longer have to look for a parking space every few weeks when I do need to drive. I no longer need to take the car to the service center. And I also save a lot of money.

And in the end, it’s definitely best for the climate not to own a car anymore that’s just standing around most of the time anyway. Maybe the car will find a second life with someone who can use it better than I can.

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