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AdGuard Home

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Recently I wrote about finding new uses for my Raspberry Pi 4. Besides Tailscale I also installed Pi-Hole to filter advertising DNS requests.

After a bit of setup and configuration, it actually worked pretty well, but sometimes I did feel like requests were taking a bit long.

Today I came across AdGuard Home (AGH), which is a Pi-Hole alternative. However, AGH is much easier to install and set up. I installed it via Snap on the Pi. I also like AGH a bit more, because the code is written in Go and it runs more reliable and faster.

AdGuard Home also has a few more directly integrated features. It is possible to use encrypted DNS servers (DNS-over-HTTPS etc.) as upstream servers and there are statistics even with logging disabled.

Unfortunately, selective blocking or unblocking of domains seems to be a bit more complicated. I think I have to have a look at the syntax instructions a bit more.


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