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Probably my next laptop

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At the moment, I don’t need a new laptop. But should I ever need one (which will probably be someday), it will be the Framework Laptop.

It really is the best and most sustainable laptop concept I’ve ever seen. Basically EVERYTHING in this laptop can be replaced. This means that after a few years, you don’t have to look for a new laptop, or replace the weakening battery in a complicated way. No, you can just unscrew the laptop and replace a single component. Be it due to a defect, reaching the end of its life cycle or for an upgrade. Cool!

Just a few months ago I had the case that I wanted to upgrade my ThinkPad with a new WiFi card. So I got one and screwed it into the laptop. But then it would not boot because the card was not on a list of allowed cards, but technically would have been compatible. Something like that is just stupid!

I just hope that there will also be a German keyboard at some point and that the company will also operate sustainably and last for a long time.

Linus has made a good video about the laptop.

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