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New year, new habits?!

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Colin’s post yesterday inspired me to install the Loop Habit Tracker app. How did I not know about this app yet? Free, no ads, and even open source!

I’m going to give the habit thing a try and start with the following:

  1. journalling (every day) – I’m already doing that successfully
  2. walking (5 days per week) – I don’t do that regularly yet
  3. rowing on my rowing machine (3 days per week) – this will probably be the biggest challenge

Due to the fact that at least number 1 is already working out well and I can just check the box in the app every day, I hope that number 2 and 3 will work out better as well. So far, I have tried to go for a walk and row regularly, but since I had no overview and no daily reminder, I didn’t always follow through so consistently.

I’m not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I’m going to try it anyway. Will I stick to it? I hope so.

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