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Why I renamed my blogs

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After a bit of consideration and a poll on Fosstodon, which shows a clear result even before it ends, I decided to rename this blog from “jlelse’s Blog – Thoughts, stories and ideas” to “Jan-Lukas Else – Thoughts of an IT expert”. Likewise, my German blog from “einGeek – Mehr als nur Internet und Programmieren” to “Jan-Lukas Else – Gedanken eines IT-Experten”.

The original blog names were spontaneous ideas several years ago. At that time, the German title was also reflected in the domain “ein-geek.de”.

Today, however, I find it somehow more fitting to simply name my personal blog after myself. After all, everything here revolves around me and my thoughts – this is a personal blog, after all.

I hope the subtitle “Thoughts of an IT expert” doesn’t come across too arrogant or self-important, but in the meantime I really am an IT expert with a degree and apprenticeship. Not everything on this blog will always be about IT. Sure, a lot of posts will be related to IT, but my personality is not limited to IT and I don’t think about IT all day long.


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