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In search of a new printer

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Update: Thanks for all the answers! I have now tried to repair the ink cartridge, now something is printed again, but somewhat blurred. I finally decided to buy a black/white laser printer with scanner, a Xerox B225 as B-ware. I will probably report…

At the moment I do not have a working printer at home. I have an inkjet printer, but due to a long period of non-use, the cartridge or the print head has dried up. If I want to print something, I have to do it in a copy store or a drugstore. This is possible, but especially if I need to print something spontaneously, or only a few pages, then the effort is annoying.

That’s why I researched printers. I have read that laser printers are better suited for those who print only occasionally. If you haven’t printed anything for a long time, it’s probably enough to just shake the toner cartridge a bit.

HP printers seem to be widely used. However, I have learned that HP has a rather aggressive strategy against alternative ink manufacturers. Again and again there are firmware updates that make cartridges from other manufacturers unusable. I don’t like that.

The Xerox C230 seems to be a printer that is reasonably priced, supports color printing in addition to black and white, has an Ethernet port, and supports duplex printing. Of course, a laser printer is more expensive to buy at first, but it should last a long time or you can sell it again. And the printing costs are in the long run with such a device supposedly also lower than with inkjet printers, especially when I think that I bought the cartridge, which is now dried up, for over 40€ and printed only a few pages.

Does anyone have (secret) tips, which printers would be recommended?


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