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rathole – ngrok alternative

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/5a1
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Some time ago I tried to make my Nitter instance available on the Internet from home via Tailscale, Caddy and an own building block in between, but stopped it again a short time later because it didn’t work that well somehow. Today I found out about rathole, and what can I say? It works great and seems to be much faster than my previous solution!

So now I can not only make Nitter accessible on the go without Tailscale, but also for example my Baikal instance, which I use for calendar and contact synchronization. I’m even considering hosting Miniflux or other non-critical self-hosted services this way from home. After all, I can save (rented) server resources and eventually scale my VPS back down some time.

I came across rathole via yesterday’s Hacker News discussion on ngrok alternatives. I’m sure there are some more alternative solutions in the thread.


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