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I have been a full-time software developer for over a year now. I’ve since settled in well in the job, and I’m getting along better and better, even if the topics are sometimes still quite complex and difficult to understand, especially when it comes to “historically grown” things.

After a year, I’m now at a point where I’m reflecting a bit on my job. Is it the right path for me? Should I just keep doing what I’m doing? Or should I perhaps also look left and right?

What I’m also thinking about is whether I should delve further into Java? After all, that’s where I have the most professional experience. Or should I look around for Go development opportunities? Should I separate my personal interest from my professional interest for that, or pursue my personal (programming language) interests at work as well?

And what is most important to me in a job anyway? The salary? Work-life balance? Nice colleagues? The tech stack? A familiar and trusted environment? That I’m doing something that advances humanity? How important is career to me?

On the one hand, I do think about it a lot, after all, I want to get ahead in life. On the other hand, I should also look back and reflect on how far I have come already. Five years ago, I was still a student and was just about to graduate from high school. Now I’ve completed my apprenticeship, studied and have been working full-time for a year.

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