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No standstill?

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When I reflect on myself like this, I have long had the impression that I am a person who cannot live at a standstill. I always need a topic that keeps me busy, a thing in my life that I can optimize or at least a frequently changing topic that I can dive into.

I believe this started at the latest in 2017, I really wanted to make my life more efficient, waste less time with YouTube or passive consumption. I got into running a lot, sometimes getting up before 5 in the morning to go for a run. But then I overdid it in the process because I didn’t give myself enough breaks and apparently did lasting damage to my knee.

Time and again, these are technical topics that I try to optimize, be it Android apps that I programmed and rewrote again and again or, for some time now, my blog software, where I also keep making changes to make it “better”.

Last year, after a long time, I finally got over myself to sell my car and switch to more sustainable mobility. After that, I was occupied with the smart home topic for a while.

This year, one topic I wanted to improve on was my housing situation. I felt like having something of my own, my own kingdom, so I looked into the subject intensively and finally moved for the first time.

There always seems to be an issue that I have to deal with. Either something technical or something personal. I’m always quite happy with myself, but when I do get into a topic, I always find potential for optimization.

I’m just not so sure if this urge is something good or rather harmful.

At the moment, one topic I seem to be dealing with more and more is my work or rather my working relationship. Let’s see how this develops…

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