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Migrating away from Cloudflare

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Recently I stumbled across two threads regarding Cloudflare that somehow left a bitter taste. I think it’s a big red flag when users have to seek support via public forums because their accounts have been banned from a service, but no help comes via support.

Since I’ve only been using Cloudflare as a DNS host for some time now anyway, and have registered some domains there simply because it was the cheapest provider, I’ve now decided I’d rather migrate my domains away from Cloudflare. You never know…

Porkbun is less than a dollar a year more expensive for most domains. deSEC is a German association that offers free DNS hosting and is also pretty well integrated with the dnscontrol tool I use to manage my DNS records. DNSSEC is supported as well.

This migration was probably overdue, after all Cloudflare controls larger and larger parts of the internet. Even though I’m not paranoid, I’m aware of the danger of an American company having such a large influence on what should be a decentralized Internet. After all, it would be possible that Cloudflare would be instructed to monitor any internet traffic without anyone knowing about it.

And another little hint: Since deSEC is a non-profit organization, it is suggested to leave a donation if possible.

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