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After all, debugging is still fun!

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One reason I use an Android smartphone is that there are apps like Indigenous (a MicroPub-compatible app for posting from your phone to a MicroPub-compatible blog). And even if the app ever disappears from the store, there’s still the option to manually install the app. And if you need to, you can also develop your own apps without having to invest nearly $100 a year.

Because some people prefer the golden cage, I just improved the compatibility of GoBlog with the micro.blog iOS app. Now it is also possible to log in with GoBlog and post from the app.

And why is there no option in iOS to delete an app’s data? Why do I have to delete and reinstall the whole app? What a primitive operating system! So annoying!

Rant over…

@Manton Reece: Thanks that the micro.blog app is open source. Because only through the source code I discovered that contrary to the IndieAuth specification, the app needs the additional parameter me at the “Authorization Response”. Otherwise the login browser window simply closes and a new login is requested.

After all, debugging is still fun! 😄

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