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Should I sell my PC?

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I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with my desktop computer (ASRock Deskmini A300), which I don’t really use anymore since I got my new laptop.

Today, I renewed the thermal paste and replaced Windows 10 with Fedora. By now Linux seems to be really noob-suitable. I have only had to use the command line to install Tailscale. Installation and updates are all done through the GUI.

But maybe I should consider selling the computer, I just have little motivation to take pictures of everything and then wait forever until someone with interest comes around.

Another option would be to use the computer in the second apartment for offsite backups, but the power consumption would somehow not be justified. Even if it were constantly only around 15 watts, that’s not negligible with the sharply rising electricity prices, which are now already around 40 cents per kWh and a rise to 60 cents is threatening.

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