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GoBlog’s new ChatGPT integration

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/691
AI generated summary: GoBlog has integrated the ChatGPT API into their platform to create a plugin that summarizes blog posts in a single sentence, saving readers time.

There’s been a lot of AI hype lately. Everyone is integrating AI into their applications.

And I could not resist and integrated the ChatGPT API into GoBlog. Using a plugin, which also provided a good opportunity to extend the options a plugin can use to extend and modify the behavior of GoBlog.

I created a plugin that summarizes the blog post in a single sentence. This should help you get an idea of what the post is about before you spend a minute or two reading it. I don’t usually write long posts, but if I ever do, this will save you even more time!

Of course, ChatGPT doesn’t have unlimited intelligence, so sometimes it may misunderstand posts. But in my limited testing, it has done quite well so far.

The only thing I haven’t been able to fix is that the summary often starts with “The author…”. I wasn’t able to change the prompt to write from the author’s narrative perspective. But maybe that’ll be easier with the next generation of GPT, GPT-4 is already on the horizon.

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