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Too lazy or too ambitious?

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AI generated summary: The author questions whether they are too ambitious or too lazy after struggling with a difficult workout, and debates whether to continue with a certification despite doubts.

Today was the second day of my “Hell Week”. Not because my week is so bad, it is after all holidays and time off, no, because I have arrived in the last week of the “Training Journey” at Freeletics. At the end of the Journey, the “coach” requires training every day, usually a so-called “god workout” in addition to warm-up and cool-down.

Today, however, I had to stop halfway through the god workout. The coach, who supposedly works with artificial intelligence, still doesn’t seem to know me well enough. Today was “Typhon”, which means four rounds of 20 squat jumps, 10 pushups and 10 burpees each. And at maximum speed, please.

My fitness level has already improved since January, but it’s not that good yet. If I had given 120%, I might have managed the four rounds with some effort, but then I would be very tired tomorrow and the next 5 days I also have one workout each.

Maybe my mistake today was that I was too ambitious and wanted to prove something to myself. Maybe I should have said from the beginning, please do a workout with less intensity. But I was shown only too easy options that would not have challenged me at all.

Or am I too comfortable and lazy and not as ambitious as I think?

Even with the AWS certification, I’m no longer 100% sure I’ll follow through. I’ve almost finished the Udemy training for the DVA-C02 exam (originally I wanted to do DVA-C01, but I can’t do that anymore), but the deadline at the end of June is getting closer. If I want to take the exam after that, I have to pay for it myself. And I will definitely have to invest some more hours to finish the course and do some mock exams and revise content, especially since I am lacking some own practical experience.

On the other hand, I’ve already invested so many hours and also career-wise the certification should help me to have an even better negotiating position in the future and to do more stuff with Cloud and DevOps.

I think that with regard to certification, I have no other option but to pull through. But when it comes to sports, I should listen to my body, not overdo it, and be ambitious at a healthy level.

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