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AI generated summary: The author reflects on their lack of motivation to study for an AWS certification, the positive impact of a recent team meeting, and their decrease in programming and blogging due to work and personal responsibilities.

This post is meant for a little reflection because I’ve noticed a few things that I can’t quite place.

  1. I’ve been studying for the AWS certification, which I have to complete by the end of June if I don’t want to pay extra. It seems like a big deal, but I think I’m making it into a bigger deal than it is. Today, I found out from a colleague who took the original training with me that he passed the exam several months ago with ease. Even back in university, I sometimes found it hard to motivate myself for things that didn’t really excite me. I think I lack the intrinsic motivation to study more focused and also take the exam sooner. I’ve already completed a 34-hour course and done a few practice exams. After one or two more exams, I’ll take the risk and sign up for the actual practice exam. If needed, I still have a second chance.

  2. I think the recent team meeting in Munich was a really good thing. Since then, I’ve been much more involved in the team, participating more in discussions, and somehow being more engaged in my work, with a better connection to my colleagues. I’m glad I can work from home because I find it hard to concentrate in the office, but team-building events like this are still a good thing, even if they can be exhausting at times. During the team meeting, I finally understood what this project we’re working on is actually about. After over 6 months, I finally have a better overview.

  3. Lately, I haven’t been programming much for GoBlog or blogging much at all. Why is that? One reason is probably work. If I already complete so many story points during the day, there’s simply less energy in the evening to drive forward personal projects. Programming is a passion of mine, but eventually, it’s enough. Plus, I lack the time. Besides work, household chores need to be done, I have to organize things, and my relationship also needs attention. When I’m at my second apartment, like now, I usually have more time and end up doing something. But being out of the flow also diminishes creativity. But I’m not stressing myself out. I don’t have goals to publish a certain number of posts or implement as many features as possible as quickly as possible.

So, that’s what’s currently going on with me. Writing this post helped me sort out my thoughts a bit. 😊

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