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Social media trap

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AI generated summary: The author realizes the addictive nature of social media and decides to focus on blogging and other activities instead of just consuming content.

reddit going dark (a protest action by many subreddit moderators over some planned API changes) reminds me that I should probably stop scrolling through Reddit so much. Reddit is a social network, and as such it attracts you with new content almost every time you visit. Which can be addictive. I once had a profile that I deleted because I wanted to leave all social media. But I fell into the same trap again.

I should get back to blogging, using my creative brain instead of just consuming content. The same goes for a forum I spent a lot of time on since last year, Telefon-Treff.de.

I should just start blogging about all these topics like finances, work life, mobile networks instead of just reading and maybe responding to posts. Or I should do something else than looking at screens all the time.

It’s probably this sense of community with people who have similar special interests that is so enticing and encourages spending so much time on these sites. 🤔

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