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AI generated summary: The blog post discusses three things the author appreciates about the UK: free entry to museums, a strong awareness of disabilities, and the friendliness and willingness of people to help.

Here are three things I’ve noticed in the UK that I really appreciate:

  1. Many museums offer free entry. While we spent a lot of money on a visit to the private “The Shard,” we could explore the National Gallery in London, the People’s Palace, and the Riverside Museum in Glasgow for free. Not only is the entry free, but the museums are also quite interesting.

  2. There’s a strong awareness of disabilities. In the Riverside Museum, videos had the option to select “British Sign Language” as a language. I’ve also seen museums and cafés offering separate opening hours for people with autism, creating a quieter and less distracting atmosphere.

  3. People are incredibly friendly and always willing to help. Because our English isn’t perfect, I’ve noticed that people make an effort to speak clearly and genuinely try to understand us.

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