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Muscles are made in the kitchen

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AI generated summary: I received a pull-up bar for Christmas to spice up my workouts. While challenging, I've been incorporating pull-ups into my routine and slowly seeing progress. Placing the bar in the kitchen doorway is a great reminder to exercise and has been a smart choice.

This Christmas, I got a cool gift – a door pull-up bar. I wanted it because I do (Freeletics) workouts two or three times per week without any equipment (except some resistance bands I got a while ago), and I thought pull-ups would add some variety. Plus, I heard they’re good for working out different muscles like the back, arms, and grip.

You can do push-ups and burpees without special stuff (I now also got some push-up bars, though), but doing pull-ups at home is not easy.

I put the pull-up bar in the kitchen doorway, and my partner said it’s okay to keep it there. Turns out, that was a smart choice.

Now, whenever I walk through that doorway, I remember to do my workouts or even try a quick pull-up. I’m not great at them yet – I can only do one, two, or three in a row without the help of the resistance bands. But after about two weeks of trying many times, I think I’m getting better at it. I’m excited to see more progress in the future!


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