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Where’s the perfect domain registrar?

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AI generated summary: I am looking for a domain registrar with a simple, cost-effective model like Purelymail for email. I tried Spaceship.com but question their pricing strategy. I seek a registrar selling domains at wholesale price + fees + a small margin, offering essential features without extra services. My perfectionism drives this search, but maybe I should prioritize time and energy over saving money with my few domains.

Why is there no pure domain registrar?

For email, there’s Purelymail, which I’ve been using for quite some time and actually like a lot because it offers unlimited email hosting, is easy to use, reliable and doesn’t annoy me.

But for domains, there is no such service.

I recently moved some domains to Spaceship.com, and I like their low prices, but since they sell some domains cheaper than Cloudflare and Cloudflare says that they sell domains at the wholesale price. I also suspect that Spaceship is just selling the domains so that people will use their other products, or just to gain some market share after their launch.

But I don’t want to buy shared hosting, I also don’t want to use their email service, and I would rather not be locked into a DNS provider like Cloudflare when registering domains there.

Why is there no registrar that has a simple business model like this:

Sell domains at wholesale price + card transaction fees + a small margin like 1 dollar or so per year and that’s it?

A provider that focuses solely on providing domains at low cost and all the necessary features like setting DNSSEC records.

Or is there one, and I just haven’t found it yet?

Maybe the problem is me! 😄 Why am I such a perfectionist and just can’t ignore the registrars other offerings and be happy with what I have? Besides, I only have a few domains for which I currently pay about 15 € per month, so I have already wasted a lot more time and energy on this research than is worth the money I could save…


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