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Trying Spaceship.com

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/72f
AI generated summary: I tried out Spaceship.com for domain registration and found the experience smooth. They offer competitive pricing and support necessary domain features, despite a slightly confusing UI. The platform seems promising, and I transferred two domains successfully.

Some time ago, I somewhere read about Spaceship.com, a new player in the domain registration business, and registered an account to try it out. Some things kept me from transferring any domains to it (don’t really remember anymore, though), but it was also still in the beta phase back then.

Today, after checking which domains are expiring with my main domain registrar Porkbun, I noticed that prices increased for some domain extensions.

This let me do a search on TLD-List to check if there are any cheaper registrars and noticed Spaceship again.

So today I gave it a new try and transferred two of my domains there. And I must say, the experience, although the UI is confusing at first, was straightforward and smooth. They also support setting custom default nameservers before transferring or registering domains, and adding the DS records for DNSSEC was also simple.

And even though they try to sell their other services like Hosting, WordPress or email (which Porkbun does as well), it’s not annoying or getting in your way.

Let’s see how Spaceship, which looks like to be built by Namecheap, develops…

So far, the domain pricing is good, and they support all the necessary features, and that’s the only important thing that matters to me.

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