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AI generated summary: I added a content warning to old posts acknowledging changes in my opinions. A new plugin now displays my age when I wrote posts at 20 or younger, to provide context about my adolescent viewpoints.

I realized recently that I wrote some cringe (to put it mildly) posts in my late adolescent phase. On the one hand, I would of course like to banish these posts from my blog, after all, my opinion has changed completely in some cases since then. But on the other hand, it would be a shame to let this part of my personal development simply disappear.

The posts I wrote back then also helped me to develop in some way. It certainly helped me to process my thoughts at times. Especially in difficult times, blogging was a good distraction for me.

That’s why I’ve had a warning above posts that are more than a year old for a long time, even before I created my own blog system. The warning is a disclaimer that my opinion may well have changed since I wrote this post.

Now, I’ve created a little plugin that extends this warning and shows my age back then on posts I wrote when I was 20 years old or younger. Perhaps this will help to ensure that posts I wrote when I was 17 are also considered posts by a 17-year-old pubescent.

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