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What should I do with my new domain?

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/741
AI generated summary: Consider using my new domain, j7s.me, a numeronym of my first name. It avoids surname implications and simplifies email entries. I plan to set up a microblogging instance as an add-on to my blog, possibly using GoToSocial or Takahē.

I recently complained about domain registrars. But I also recently registered a new domain: j7s.me. A numeronym of my first name. And the .me TLD to show that I am a person. (And it is a short domain that was available.)


I currently often use jlelse or jle as my username. However, four out of six letters in jlelse are my surname. But what happens if my surname ever changes, for example if I get married? Then this username will reflect my birth name, but perhaps not my current name. My first name will forever be the same.

I also have the domain janlukas.de, but mainly to make it easier to fill in email addresses in paper forms. There are usually fewer misunderstandings with this domain. However, .de is of course German again.

Furthermore, I’m aware that it wouldn’t be a good idea to change the domain of my blog (again — I registered jlelse.blog in 2019). Mainly because that could also cause problems with ActivityPub and all my domain credibility would be lost.

My current plan for using the domain is as follows:

I’ve already experimented with GoToSocial once, but then deleted my instance because it was just very much in its infancy. I have also already reported on Takahē. Both promising software for microblogging, similar to Mastodon.

I could set up such an instance and use it as a microblogging add-on to my normal blog instead of my current profile on Fosstodon.

With GoToSocial, however, I would have to wait for the final implementation of the account migration feature, which is supposed to be coming soon. And with Takahē I would have to take a closer look at how resource-intensive the application is. I would rather not have to upgrade to a larger and more expensive virtual server.

Do you have some better ideas?

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