Welcome to the Thoughts section of my blog. Thoughts that are not enough for an own article, but are better kept on my blog than on Twitter or Pleroma.

Never touch a running system

Some weeks ago I stumbled across Fedora Silverblue again. I already heard about that project before but never thought about trying it and also didn’t really understand it’s concept. After I researched more about the project, I was fascinated by the concept of an immutable base system and running almost everything either as Flatpaks or in Containers. That idea of a container based Desktop system was in my head for a long time already, but Silverblue seemed like the perfect implementation of that.

Bye Netlify & Cloudflare

This blog is not hosted on Netlify and Cloudflare anymore. It seems like I’m spending more time for the architecture of my blog then the actual content. But the tasks I did the last days should actually make this blog more solid. I want to reduce my dependency on “free” services like Netlify or Cloudflare that bring a great basic set of features and limits for free use, but require you to pay a lot of money when you reach that limits or need more custom features.