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WhatsApp drama

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Right now, there’s drama because WhatsApp is changing its terms of service and wants to share even more data with Facebook (at least from users outside the EU).


My current Home Office (January ‘21)

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It’s been a while since I shared a picture of my desk. But since that was at the beginning of the pandemic and I’ve only worked from home since then, things have changed too. So here is the current state.

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Skip reCAPTCHA challenges with the Buster Add-On

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If you aren’t using Chrome but another browser like Firefox with turned-on privacy settings and an add-on like uBlock Origin, it can happen that you come across reCAPTCHA challenges quite often (because Google thinks, you’re a bot). They are pretty annoying to solve manually, so there is an add-on named Buster that solves the audio challenge by using speech recognition.


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