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Medium and custom domains

Published on in 💬 Micro

After Medium had already announced last year that custom domains were to return, this is now finally the case. However, a membership is a prerequisite.

A good change in my opinion, even if I will no longer use this feature or Medium as a whole.

We hope custom domains help make your space on Medium feel like your own.

Remember: Even if it feels like it, it’s not your own!

However, it is now finally possible for me to separate the domain android.jlelse.eu from AndroidPub. I have set up BunnyCDN to redirect requests to the medium.com domain.


Here WeGo, my favorite Google Maps alternative

Published on in 🔗 Links

Here WeGo is my favorite alternative to Google Maps. I know it would be better to support Open Street Maps, but Here WeGo (formerly Nokia Maps) also offers great navigation functionality and real-time traffic information. It also seems to be relatively privacy friendly. With the app you can also download maps for offline use. Here Technologies is majority-owned by a consortium of German automotive companies (Wikipedia), so I hope they make sure that there maps have a great quality and so far (I use this service since 2015) my assumption has been confirmed.


Why I Travel 12 Hours Each Week To Visit My Family

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I’m living in the north of Germany, my mother and sister in the south. Almost each week I’m taking the train from my town to the one where my mother and sister live. Just to see them for 2 days. Why am I doing this?


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