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Bitwarden is the best password manager

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Like many others I have read about online the last few days, I am a happy and satisfied Bitwarden user, with my own installation of bitwarden_rs.


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That was a delicious waffle today on my after-work walk. 🧇

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I migrated from a self-hosted mailcow-dockerized to the hosted version of Mailcow. It’s just because I don’t want to care about keeping everything up-to-date, secure and backup-ed. Now I have some stricter limits, but in the past I didn’t reach that limits and I doubt I will reach them ever. To migrate all emails, I used the online version of imapsync.


Less Privacy For More Privacy?

Published on in 📱 appydroid

As you may know, I have a new phone. And because it’s new I didn’t root it. Thanks to German laws and the merchant I have 24 months guarantee - so if it breaks itself, it’s not my fault. And because I didn’t root, I have to live with some of the manufacturer’s decisions. And that one includes the deep integration of the Google Assistant.


I Need To Get Out Of My Comfort Zone More Often

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One thing I learned, when I changed my server setup from installing everything directly on the server to using Docker, is that I need to get out of my comfort zone more often. Getting out of your comfort zone means, you are confronted to new things and so learn something new.


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