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I just learned about GameSnacks. GameSnacks is an experiment by Google’s Area 120, its “in-house incubator”.1


HEY World

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People keep saying that blogging is dead. But there is still innovation in this area. For example, the email service HEY has launched a new blogging platform called “HEY World”.


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I used the good weather and remaining sun today to do an after-work pedelec ride and explore the nature around me. Here are some visual impressions. 🌆🦌

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It feels great without Twitter

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I left Twitter one month ago and didn’t miss it a single time. Reading stories about “Brand Blockers” (Medium paywall) just gives me the feeling that this was the right decision.


3 Things I Would Do Differently Now

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You get much of your knowledge by doing mistakes. Here are some things I would have done differently if I had my present knowledge:


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