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Retrospective of my home office tech investments

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Last year, when suddenly it was said that home office is the new normal, I started to update or improve my home tech equipment. In January, I shared a picture of my home office.

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Careless neighbors

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I live in an apartment building with neighbors in all directions. But some neighbors don’t seem to care at all whether they disturb their neighbors with very loud music. At the moment I don’t have to study, but with this noise I couldn’t study at all. It’s not an exaggeration, but I hear the neighbors’ music as loud as if I were listening to music myself either through speakers or headphones. By now I have come to terms with the almost daily nightly screaming of their child, which wakes me up as a result. Maybe the child is in pain or something? But I find this loud music simply outrageous.


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Reply to: A note by Henrique Dias

I use BunnyCDN as storage for my Micropub media endpoint, where I upload all the photos and other media files I publish on my blog. When I upload a new photo the media endpoint first uploads the original file with the name of it’s SHA-256 hash value (so when I upload the same file multiple times, it doesn’t create multiple files). When I upload an image (JPEG or PNG) it also gets optimized and resized to a maximum width of 2000 pixels using the Tinify API (and then uploaded to BunnyCDN too), doing that significantly reduces the file size of the images displayed on my blog.


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