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Still the same person, just with a lot less hair. This is probably also the first selfie on this blog.

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When the use of JavaScript is justified

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JavaScript is a controversial topic, especially in privacy and open source circles. That’s because JavaScript is often used to execute code on website visitors' devices that does things that aren’t so cool. For example, tracking users across the entire Internet. That’s why the use of ad blockers is actually indispensable nowadays, and some go so far as to block JavaScript altogether.


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Today I took the chance, as long as it is still possible to leave the house, and used the good weather to run a little. Only 4.5 km and not very fast, because my fitness is on a pretty low level at the moment. But I realized how important this exercise is, especially at a time when you only leave the house to go grocery shopping. Running in particular is an uncritical way to do sports. You can do it alone and you can keep enough distance from other people. And one advantage: it can be really challenging.


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