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Doug Belshaw has a new side project: extinction.fyi. A site dedicated to climate change. For example, you learn that if you buy a Tesla with bitcoin, you cancel out the lifetime CO2 savings four times. Or that a battery-electric car needs only one-eightieth of the energy of a biofuel-powered combustion car.


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Although I would have enough things to do for my studying, I took some time today to do some programming on my Micropub endpoint. I can now use other git hosting than Gitea and can add alternative text to images. Here is a little test:

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Escaping the Google Filter Bubble on Twitter

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Recently I noticed more and more that my Twitter timeline is full with Google stuff and almost just Google stuff. Every announcement, every rumour, everything Google got hyped in my timeline and I got sick of it. I was locked in a Google filter bubble.


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