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It seems that Deutsche Bahn has finally improved their on-board WiFi. 👍 It’s actually usable, even for programming over SSH with Visual Studio Code. Sometimes the connection is a bit slow, but we are also going through tunnels.


My March ‘20 in Review

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March 2020 was the strangest month I have experienced in my almost 21 years. While in February I only noticed Corona slightly, today Corona determines the everyday life of most people worldwide. Corona is suddenly there as a danger that one could not even have dreamed of. Suddenly public life is completely at a standstill, only shops for essential goods are open, millions of people do home office and it is (in Germany) forbidden to meet more than one person in public.


RSS is still alive

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I just found this article from Gizmodo about RSS while going through the list of new items in my feed reader (Miniflux) because it was on the front page of Hacker News, to which I subscribed using RSS. The article says that RSS is a better alternative to consuming news through social media (especially Twitter).


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