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Find broken links with GoBlog

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

Even though it is often said that the Internet does not forget, it does forget some things. When people shut down their websites, delete sites or even sell their domains.


Coronavirus Telegram stickers

Published on in 🔗 Links

Today Telegram published a blog article regarding Coronavirus news. In it they also mentioned a channel where they announce official and verified channels with information on COVID-19. I just visited that channel out of curiosity and saw there’s a sticker pack with virus stickers. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. :thinking_face:


Published on in 💬 Micro

Yesterday GitHub had an outage and it also resulted in some failures in the build pipeline for this blog. That’s why I decided to host myself a second Gitea instance on a VPS just for this purpose, where I mirror all the dependencies that are needed for a successful build, host some private repos or backup mirrors.


kis3: Why I’m writing my own website statistics tool

Published on in 💭 Thoughts
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When you host your static website on a service like Netlify, it’s not that easy to get statistics of your website visitors without violating their privacy by using tools like Google Analytics. Because it’s a static website you can’t use some statistics plugins the way you can in WordPress and it’s also not possible to view which pages the server is serving, because Netlify doesn’t give you access to it’s logs.


Don’t Fear Doing New Things

Published on in ✍️ Posts

I always didn’t like to hear my own voice, because I thought it sounds strange. So always procrastinated starting a podcast. I finally overcame my fear. And it actually feels good.


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