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Reply to: A toot by Kev Quirk

Yes, I got a webmention! I always get a notification on Telegram when a new webmention comes in. 🤓 But I don’t know if Mastodon shows a notification for my reply. :thinking_face:


Please consider full content feeds

Kev Quirk wrote a great article about why having “full post RSS feeds” is a good idea. It’s mainly because then people can use a feed reader, customize it to their personal preferences (font, contrast and other accessibility features) and read the content in their preferred way.


Run Debian Based Programs On Almost Any Linux With Docker

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

I’m a Solus user (and enthusiast), but as one I also faced a common problem. Not every desktop app is available on Solus Linux and you also can’t run .deb or .rpm installation files, because Solus uses a different package manager and isn’t based on any other Linux distribution.


Jan-Lukas Else