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To kick off my few days of Easter vacation, I took my freshly inspected and repaired pedelec (e-bike) with beautiful weather (20 degrees and sun) and drove a round on the “Ringgleis”, a bike path around my city. The total mileage has now also finally reached the 3000 km. That’s still not much over several years, but I still have my second, non-electric bike, with which I probably ride a lot more.

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On the app store debate

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In the current debate (which has been going on for a while) about allowing alternative app stores on mobile devices, I honestly don’t understand at all the position that being able to use an alternative store would compromise security.


Towards a Commenting System

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Matt Baer from Write.as wrote about his ideas for a comment system for Write.as called Remark.as. I think he thought things out pretty well and instead of just building a comment system as known from other blog systems, he found a good solution that allows human conversations.


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