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This is a Twitter thread (that would have made a great blog post) where Manuel Lucio Dallo builds a Telegram client for his grandmother (“Yaya”). But this isn’t a typical app, it’s an entire device. The “Yayagram” allows messages to be sent as voice messages via Telegram, and received replies are printed directly on thermal paper.


Nothing to hide

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Tonight I spoke with my girlfriend on the phone and we talked for two hours about all kinds of topics. One topic was that I don’t think corona tracking apps, where the data is stored centrally, are a good idea because of privacy and stuff. My girlfriend, on the other hand, said why is privacy important at all? The argument that nobody needs to know what I do with whom, when, where and for how long was not convincing to her. She said that I track my runs via GPS anyway. And she asked who would be interested in your data if you are not famous or something?


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