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“An IndieWeb Recipe”

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Like of: An IndieWeb Recipe

Mrs D wrote a fantastic poem about the IndieWeb:


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I configured Litestream for all my GoBlog-instances. This means that the changes to the SQLite databases, are replicated directly into an object storage at Scaleway. Why? An additional backup never hurts.



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During the apprenticeship our instructor always wanted us to practice 10-finger typing together. A good idea, because I believe that if you really master this skill, you can put the words (or the code) you think about on the screen with an incredible speed. We used to do this with the program “TIPP10”, which is available both as an offline and an online version.


Retiring AndroidPub

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Many may not know it, but I am the founder of AndroidPub, a Medium publication about Android development. (The site is still running on a subdomain of my first domain, although I registered it’s own domain a long time ago.)


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