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About the Amazon and the climate crisis

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Reading something like this makes me really sad: The Amazon now emits more CO2 than it absorbs – due to deforestation.


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Reply to: A note by Beko Pharm

Now that most IndieWeb meetings are on video, maybe I should consider joining one as well. 🤔 I just have to overcome my shyness of speaking in English in front of other people. 🙈 And I need to implement RSVPs in my blog theme.


Mass Delete Tweets (free & no 3rd-party apps)

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In this post I want to explain how you can mass-delete old tweets without the need to use a 3rd-party service that probably also want your money or scripts that require you to create an application on the Twitter developer portal. You will just make use of Firefox, Tweetdeck, some shell scripts and two command line tools.


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