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I have renewed my domain until 2031

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Domain registrar Gandi announced price increases for .com domains starting in September. This is due to Verisign raising the prices registrars have to pay them for each domain.


“Why I started microblogging”

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Bryan Sebesta shares his reasons for microblogging: I often run across things that I’d like to share but don’t deserve their own post. Outside of Twitter, how do I share it? A microblog creates a space for that.. It becomes […] “a way for me to put everything I do online that is visually small — anything small enough not to require scrolling: quotes, links, images, audio files — in one place, and a place on my own site.”


Google Alternatives for More Privacy and Less Monopoly

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I hope I don’t have to explain why Google is bad, but just to give a few reasons to switch to alternatives: You’ll probably get better privacy because those alternatives collect less data about you, your data won’t get sold to advertisers or government organizations that easily and you help to prevent a monopoly. Sometimes alternatives are also just better than the Google product and don’t lock you in so much.


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