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James replied to my programming post.


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Today we went to the zoo spontaneously. 🐒

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Thinking about WordPress

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Today I have dealt with WordPress for the first time in a long time. I’m not planning to move my blog to WordPress (I’m in the process of developing my own content management system), but have set up a site for someone else and migrated a few articles.


Help the environment by NOT buying a new iPhone

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Sorry for sharing a Medium.com link, but this is an article I really want to highlight.


News the minimalist way - Why I use Miniflux

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Like two or three weeks ago, I was a little bored and thought about installing something new on my server again. Yes, I really like installing “things” (it’s actually just adding some lines of configuration to a file), especially when those things improve my life in some way. I installed Miniflux and using it really opened my eyes about the way I consume news. If you don’t want to host Miniflux yourself, like I do (which allows me to tweak the configuration), there’s also a very cheap hosted version for just some bucks a year.

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3 Essential Parts of an Energizing Morning Routine

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How the Morning Influences the Whole Day


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