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“Less Meat”

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Like of: Less Meat - James Van Dyne

James is trying to eat less meat:


Just another case of unfair competition

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With Apple launching Fitness+, they launched just another service with an anti-competitive advantage. While they take almost 100% of what’s left after taxes etc., other services are forced to use In-App-Purchases of which Apple takes 30%. I don’t understand how some people defend Apple for this and think this behavior benefits them. Actually, it only leads to a decrease in the quality of non-Apple services, because they somehow have to try to compete with Apple, but get 30% less of the revenues. But in the end I don’t really care, I don’t buy any of Apple’s overpriced products with false privacy promises and platform lock-in anyway.


My new Surface Go

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It’s probably not that easy to understand, why I (as a strong Linux advocate) bought a Microsoft Surface Go and use Windows on it, but let me try to explain…


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