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Consume less, create more

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

There was a time I thought about how to change my life. A lot of things changed in my life but I needed to adapt somehow. I also wasn’t very happy with how I used my time and needed a purpose in my life. I started writing blog posts daily (on Medium back then - see my archive of many old Medium articles here).


3 Reasons Why I Ride a Bike Although I Have A Car

Published on in Medium Archive

I have my own car now. To put it more precisely, a Volkswagen Golf 5 Plus, which is already around ten years old. As a gift from my grandmother for my 18th birthday. It is very kindly that she continues to pay for taxes and insurance (as gifts for the next birthdays and Christmas). But will my life now change with my own car? Will I do less sport, drive my car instead of a bicycle and become more lazy about movement in general?


Jan-Lukas Else