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“Can YOU Fix Climate Change?”

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I just stumbled upon this video by “Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell”. It’s about the climate crisis and that the only solution might be a systemic change and I absolutely agree.


AdGuard Home

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Recently I wrote about finding new uses for my Raspberry Pi 4. Besides Tailscale I also installed Pi-Hole to filter advertising DNS requests.


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I’ve only been using the MX Master 3 and the MX Keys from Logitech for a few days now, but I must say that my favorite feature of the MX Master 3 is definitely the “hyper-fast scrolling”. I don’t know how I got along with a mouse without this feature before. And also the MX Keys is a really awesome keyboard. The typing experience is so good! I definitely have to write a review in a week or two. And maybe try to get back into touch typing…


You Shouldn’t Break Your Routine

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I have interrupted my routine, or rather my morning routine. And slowly I realized that this was a big mistake, a very big mistake. Why? Because I realized that every day you don’t follow your routine makes the process of restoring the routine harder. I had to pull the emergency brake, get a hold of myself and think about what I’m about to do.


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